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Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetology Care

Kiara Skin Clinic, since its establishment in 2005 has been growing steadily. We offer ‘State-of-the-art medical and surgical’ dermatology services. Our clinic is equipped with ‘advanced laser technologies’, to provide leading-edge cosmetology & dermatology solutions customized to your specific medical needs.

At Kiara Skin Clinic, we provide superior dermatologic care to people of all ages including children and the elderly.

We offer a wide range of highly advanced treatment modalities – all of which are highly effective, safe and most suitable for your specific skin or hair type. At Kiara Skin Clinic, we also appreciate the value of your time in this fast-paced modern world of ours. Our experienced team of dermatology professionals helps to customize the specific treatments to suit your busy schedules and specific requirements.

Local & Global

Our happy patients come not only from the immediate neighborhood in Baner but also from many other surrounding neighborhoods and other areas of Pune. At Kiara Skin Clinic, we strive to integrate ourselves as an integral component of the neighborhoods we serve.

Simultaneously we also maintain a global approach in our overall clinical management – so that we can leverage the latest advances in dermatology & cosmetology to our patients’ best advantage. Our unique combination of being – Local + Global – in our approach is highly appreciated by our patients. This is also one of the prime reasons for our high repeat patients’ rate.

Patient Safety & Confidence

We, at the Kiara Skin Clinic, are thankful for our existing and old patients, who spread around the good word for our practice which has helped build an excellent reputation for us. This has helped and is continuing to help many new patients experience our expertise which includes general, medical and cosmetic dermatology.

Our focus on – High Standards in Patient Safety – is the biggest contributor to our excellent reputation amongst our patient community. Kiara Skin Clinic prides itself on maintaining – Global & Best-in-Class Practices – for patient safety, in all the treatment modalities used. We believe – Patient Safety – is a topmost priority for our clinical practice. And our entire Kiara Skin Clinic team works hard to transfer the benefits of these high standards to our patients.

At Kiara Skin Clinic, we believe our cosmetology & dermatology treatments add to the overall quality of life or our patients.

What can you expect at your visit?

When you visit us for the first time, the doctor will take time to understand your medical history thoroughly along with discussing the ailments that are bothering you. This is followed by a simple examination to ascertain the symptoms of your condition. The doctor will then diagnose your
condition and plan your care.  

We upgrade ourselves regularly to maintain the best-in-class and advanced standards of practice that we are proud of.  

Now, our renovated clinic offers additional state-of-the-art laser, cosmetic and surgical techniques. It has a spacious and comfortable waiting lounge for patients awaiting their turn. The consultation room, where the patient will be attended to, is newly equipped with some of the state-of-the-art and technologically advanced equipment needed for excellent medical and surgical dermatology care.

Dr. Ekta Romi

Dr. Ekta Romi is a qualified medical practitioner, one of the leading and recognized Dermatologists in Baner, Pune. She comes with an experience of several years in dermatology practice. Her core specialization lies in identifying, diagnosing and effectively treating several types of ailments under Dermatology and Cosmetology.

She has the necessary medical knowledge to not only treat various skin and hair related ailments but also in the prevention of dermatological conditions. She takes pride in keeping abreast of all the medical advancements in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology among other advancements in medicine.

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