Best-in-Class Patient-care

Our Aim

The Kiara Skin Clinic aims to be one of the most ‘advanced patient care providers’ in dermatology and cosmetology. We work hard to capitalize on our core strengths and to convert them to the best advantage of our patients. Over the years, we have built a reputation based on the highest standards of patient care that we have delivered to a wide spectrum of the patient population that we serve.

We work in a ‘collaborative team approach’ to promote optimal patient care in the most suitable and comfortable patient care setting. We know that effective and efficient patient care depends on a multi-disciplinary approach towards diagnostics and treatment. We realize the importance of prompt and accurate patient care services in today’s fast-paced modern world. We understand the value of your time, and utilize our expertise to model customized solutions for each and every patient’s needs.

Strong patient communication values

The patients of today are getting increasingly aware of the vast volume of medical information available to them. And this further increases the responsibility on us, healthcare providers to create an atmosphere of selective guidance and expertise. To that end, we prioritize ‘strong patient communication values’ – both with patients and their families – to promote an atmosphere of complete transparency, awareness, and cooperation with the patients.

We realize that transparent and effective patient communication is key to establishing a cooperative working atmosphere with the patients we serve. And we know that the physician and the patient work in a cooperative atmosphere towards the patient’s treatment and recovery process.

Patient-centric Treatments

Over the years, we have served a wide and varied patient population, both in dermatology and cosmetology. Our experience has organically built over the years and has taught us some valuable lessons, that we implement in our patient interactions. We continually strive towards enhancing our ‘patient-centric approach’, as we are aware that each patient is unique and needs the same special care and attention customized to his or her individual needs.

We work together with the patients to design and execute the most ‘optimal treatment plan’, that is customized to the individual needs of the patient. We know that the disease conditions of each patient are different, and each patient is also facing several specific limitations in his or her treatment process.  

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction’ is a parameter of utmost importance for the entire Kiara Skin Clinic team.

The Kiara Skin Clinic team works around it ‘mission of contributing’ to the neighborhood, community, and society it serves. As a result, we work towards improving the overall ‘Quality of Life’ of our patients.


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