Common Skin Conditions

What are some of the common skin conditions and their treatments?

  1. Psoriasis
  2. Vitiligo
  3. Eczema
  4. Fungal Infections (Tinea)


Psoriasis is the scaly patchy bit of skin that turns red and can be very itchy and painful. This is caused by the very fast growth of skin cells. These cells grow about 10 times faster and deposit on the surface as they die. The dead cells build up on the surface to appear like a patch.

Although this may affect any part of the body, it appears more commonly on the scalp, elbows, and knees.

Although the exact cause of Psoriasis is still not known, but the abnormality of the Immune System is considered to be an important factor.

If you do see signs of this condition, it is good to make an appointment with your dermatologist since psoriasis, apart from being a chronic condition itself may lead to other complications such as psoriatic arthritis.


If the doctor suspects Psoriasis, she will ask you for a biopsy since that is the only definitive way to confirm or rule out Psoriasis.

The treatment consists of slowing down the rapid growth of the skin cells. This might require a lifestyle change such as adding some more activity, sleep patterns or giving up smoking, etc.

Apart from that, management of the disease in the form of moisturizing the affected area and relief from itching and burning is important.

Severe cases of Psoriasis may have to undergo treatment options like light therapy, retinoid, biological treatments, enzyme inhibitors, etc.

We have the laser treatment option of Excimer308nm at Kiara Skin Clinic which has been known to be effective in treating the affected area.

The dermatologist will discuss with you in detail the treatment plan which is customized to your age, the severity of the condition, health, and lifestyle, etc.


Vitiligo is a skin condition where the skin undergoes discoloration. White blotchy patches appear on a part or various parts of the skin. The melanin or pigment-producing cells stop functioning and cause discoloration. Although the condition itself causes no pain or complications, it can lead to emotional and psychological distress.

Although it has not been clearly determined, the dysfunction of the autoimmune system is considered to be the main cause of the destruction of the healthy pigment-producing cells.

Vitiligo is genetically passed on and has no known cure yet.


The treatment of vitiligo is mostly cosmetic and superficial although some treatments may involve re-pigmentation. Your dermatologist will discuss all the treatment options available to you and customize them as per your preference.

To improve the appearance of the skin your dermatologist may use steroid creams and cosmetic lotions. The dermatologist may try to lighten the surrounding skin to blend in with the affected skin.

UV Light therapy is often prescribed to attempt re-pigmentation of the affected skin.

Another treatment alternative offered is skin grafting where healthy skin is taken from a part and transplanted on the affected part surgically.

At Kiara Skin Clinic, we have successfully been able to treat vitiligo by laser therapy using the Excimer308nm. To know more, please make an appointment with our dermatologist today.


Eczema is a condition where the skin becomes red and inflamed. The most common type of eczema known as atopic dermatitis is more common among children. Most children outgrow this condition by their tenth birthday. However, while they have it is uncomfortable. This condition is manageable by proper treatment.

It appears as a very dry skin more in the folds such as back of the knee, elbow folds etc. The skin gets very itchy and scaly.

Like some other skin conditions, it may be passed down in families.

Your dermatologist will be able to diagnose the condition on examining the affected skin, usually


The treatment of eczema involves managing the discomfort that comes with the condition. i.e. reducing itchiness and preventing infections due to itching.

Topical creams with a very small solution of hydrocortisol usually provide relief to the severely affected area. Once the skin improves, hydrocortisol creams can be substituted by cicalfates. Meanwhile you may also be prescribed antihistamines to provide relief for the irritation.

We can help you identify the severity of eczema in your or your child’s case and advise a suitable treatment plan.

Fungal Infections (Tinea)

One of the most common skin conditions, fungal infection occurs when the immune system cannot fight the overpowering fungus attracted by moisture and warmth. The skin becomes red and itchy often with blisters.

The ways in which fungal infections occur is athlete’s foot (on the feet, in between toes), ringworm (a reddish circular patch of sore skin), yeast infection (commonly found in armpits or groin) or jock itch (found in skin folds).

Baby’s diaper rash, oral thrush or vaginal yeast infection are the more common occurrences of fungal infection. A visit to the dermatologist will help identify the type. It is important to treat these infections because some of them are infectious.


Most of the times the dermatologist will prescribe an over the counter topical anti-fungal cream. However, depending on the type and severity, you may be prescribed a prescription cream or lotion or even oral medication.

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