Gold Toning Treatment

What is Gold Toning Treatment?  

Gold Toning Treatment is a nonabrasive, non-invasive method of treating acne and the post-acne redness on the skin. The redness is caused due to the enlargement of the tiny blood vessels. Laser energy of 595 nm is used to bring back normalcy to the affected blood vessels as well as the neighboring regions.

This treatment is called the Gold toning Treatment because of the golden-colored light emitted through the laser.

Gold toning treatment is also used for other procedures such as tattoo removal or getting rid of dark patches (melasma), especially those that come up during pregnancy.

Instead of treating on the surface, Gold Toning Treatment targets and treats the root cause of the problem, deeper in the skin.


The blood vessels that cause the acne and redness are restored back to health in this treatment. 

Acne and red or flushed skin are normalized by the treatment.

The downtime for the procedure is zero. The results are instantaneous

The actual procedure time is also relatively short. The results are however seen to continue for the long term since the root cause is treated.

The procedure is painless and has no side effects.


 After cleansing the skin, your dermatologist will ask you to put on protective goggles.

The laser energy is now applied to your skin by moving the laser just above the surface of your skin over the entire area. You may feel a slightly warm sensation during the treatment but that is normal. When the laser beams have been passed over the entire area a few times, the session is considered complete.

The entire lightening may not happen in one session and the procedure may have to be repeated.  Your dermatologist will guide you for your particular condition and its severity.


If you experience a burning sensation, you may use a cold compress.

Apply a moisturizer for faster healing and sunblock when outside.

It is recommended that no make-up, creams, hair removal or other chemicals be used for 24 hours.

Exercise that makes you sweat may be avoided for 24 to 48 hours as also swimming.

To get rid of Acne or redness about 5 sessions are recommended with a gap of around a week between two sessions. However, your dermatologist will be better equipped to advise you about your particular condition.

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