Upcoming Workshops for 2020

Upcoming Workshops for 2020
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The Kiara Skin Clinic is proud to announce a – Series of Speical Patient-centric Workshops – in the first half of 2020. 

We empathize with the growing patient need for more detailed and practical information about the various dematology and cosmetology therapy options that we offer at the Kiara Skin Clinic. We have regular feedback from our wide patient base that patient-centric workshops is the need of the hour and there is already a growing demand for the same across all patient groups. 

With this feedbak in mind, we have planned this series of workshops. In these workshops we will address various critical patient-centric issues, including but not restricted to the following: 

  • Practical aspects of dermatology treatment options at Kiara Skin Clinic 
  • Skin care and treatments for various age groups 
  • Practical aspects of managing common skin diseases 
  • Recent advances in dermatology 
  • Recent advances in cosmetology 
  • Practical demonstrations of useful skin care remedies and tips 

The exact details of the venue, dates, and timetable for these workshops will be announced shortly. Keep a close eye on this space for more information.

Additionally, if you are interested, please drop us a message on the contact us page with your email address. So we can contact you directly for the same.

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