Hollywood Laser Peel

What is Hollywood Laser Peel?

Can you imagine a dramatic improvement to your skin instantly with zero downtime? At Kiara Skin Clinic we will help to achieve that with a Holly Laser Peel.

Carbon Spectra Peel is popularly known as Hollywood Peel because many of the Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian favor this treatment for regaining that glow just before the events and also as a part of their skin rejuvenation routine.


 A Hollywood Peel not only works on the superficial skin to smoothen the texture and the glow but also stimulates and reactivates the collagen to keep the skin cells more youthful naturally and for deeper skin improvement.

The heat of the laser causes instant expanding or plumping of the tissue making it look smoother.

With more treatments, you can get rid of scars, acne problems, and other skin tone problems and eventually end up with healthier skin with an even tone.

This treatment can be done for all skin types.

The procedure is short, but with instantaneous results that actually last much longer.

This procedure is quite suitable if you would like to attend an event or a wedding at very short notice. You can even skip out the heavy foundation and go in your very own skin!


 The procedure is simple and lasts around 20 minutes.

The dermatologist will cleanse your skin and apply carbon lotion all over. Your eyes will be covered with protective goggles.

With the laser in Spectra mode, energy is passed for a minute or so over this carbon layer, which absorbs the heat and passes it on to the layer of the skin below it. This step reactivates the collagen.

After this, the laser is switched to the Q-switch mode and the carbon layer on your skin’s surface is blasted off. You may smell the carbon as the clicks of laser work on your skin. The clicks are, of course, painless.

The last step is the passing of laser pulses once again for a final collagen reactivation.

There! You are ready to look at yourself glow!


This procedure has no follow-up instructions except about a regular application of sunscreen.

You can opt for a one-time treatment of a series of them.

Even better, you could make the Hollywood Peel a part of your skin rejuvenation routine just like the Holly wood stars.

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