Laser for Psoriasis / Vitiligo

About Excimer 308nm Laser treatment

Although not first in the line of treatment, light therapy has been considered to be an effective option in case of hard to heal rashes and patches such as in the case of psoriasis and vitiligo. The emission greatly reduces inflamed skin.

UVB waves of 308nm are passed from the laser device through the skin to heal the stubborn rashes that fail to respond to the traditional treatment methods. This method is prescribed when the rashes cover more than 20-30 percent of the affected skin.

This therapy has the ability to focus more precisely on the affected area and to avoid the healthy skin.


Excimer 308 had been demonstrated to be safe with minimum incidences of redness or swelling post-treatment. Most patients have been known to tolerate this well.

It is known to have little or no side effects

It is very effective since it treats even the hard to heal rash or marks with precision and leaves the surrounding skin unaffected.

As compared to other UVB devices, Excimer 308nm can penetrate difficult to reach areas and release the precise required doses.

A fewer number of treatment courses are required with a very small amount of radiation making it safer for the patient, and if necessary even children.


 Your dermatologist will advise you to go for an excimer 308nm treatment if the traditional treatments fail. Depending on your skin type,  age and severity of the condition, the doctor will discuss your treatment plan.

In a typical session, you will be required to expose the affected part, such as the psoriasis plaque. Your skin should be clean and dry and devoid of make-up, creams, lotions, sunblocks, etc. You will be required to wear protective dark goggles. Your dermatologist will aim the device precisely at the plaque without having any contact with the surrounding skin, for a few minutes. You may feel some warmth on the skin.

The dose and duration of the therapy are customized to your condition – the thickness of the plaque, the color of your skin, etc. -and will be discussed with you prior to the treatment.

For Psoriasis, you will see results after about 4 – 10 sessions spaced out at 2 sessions per week. For vitiligo, the number of sessions to be had before you see any results vary from patient to patient. Sessions are to take twice per week for a duration determined by your dermatologist.

After care

The treated area may be tender for 24-72 hours. This is normal.

Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

Apart from them you can continue any medication or creams to heal. Specific instructions, if any, will be given to you by your dermatologist.

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