Winter Skincare options

Winter Skincare options
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The cold weather in the winter can damage your skin. There are some simple remedies that everyone can follow to protect your skin for the harsh temperatures.

Different people have different skin types, and they react differently to the winter temperatures. There is a vast variety of winter skincare products available in the market. They have various specifications and their marketing materials specify various different ingredients. They make claims about different skin types. But it is difficult and yet important for us to know, what works for you and me.

  • So, what suits my skin type?
  • What changes should I make in my daily routine in the winter for good skincare?
  • What decides whether my skin is healthy or not?
  • What popular remedies are scientific and which are not?

Healthy skincare tips for the winter

  1. Consult a dermatologist or a skincare expert for advice specific to your skin
  2. Stay hydrated. Drink enough water as your skin needs hydration to stay healthy.
  3. Avoid long showers or baths. They can dehydrate your skin.
  4. Avoid hot water in showers and baths. They can dry your skin further.
  5. Avoid extremely high temperatures on the room thermostat.
  6. Use oil-based moisturizers, as they can help develop the oily layer in your skin.
  7. Keep your skin adequately covered and protected from harsh temperatures.
  8. Use sunscreens to protect from heavy sun rays.
  9. Pay particular attention to the thin and light skin on your hands.
  10. Do not use excessive exfoliation as it can damage your skin layers.
  11. Be watchful of irritating stimulants of the skin and if detected avoid them.
  12. Maintain a healthy diet. All the essential vitamins and nutrients come from the food you eat.
  13. A healthy exercise routine helps your skin just like the rest of your body.
  14. Avoid harsh chemicals instead opt for gentle skincare lotions.
  15. Develop a healthy skincare routine with the help of experts.

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