World-class Equipment

The recently renovated Kiara Skin Clinic is fully equipped with some of the best-in-class equipment for our dermatology and cosmetology patientcare services. We believe quality service requires an optimal combination of skilled expertise + equipment & facility. The Kiara Skin Clinic team endeavors to deliver some of the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic services in dermatology and cosmetology to our patients. Our practice supports the skill & experience of our experts with high standards of technology and equipment.

1. Ellman radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency treatment is a type of radiosurgery that is targeted at increasing precision of surgical technique and decreasing the complications that can arise out of minor surgical procedures. The Ellman radiofrequency device is specially designed to use the patented Ellman radiofrequency technology for minor surgical procedures like the removal of moles, warts and other benign growths on the skin.

Patient benefits

The device uses high-frequency radio waves for a specialized surgical technique in which the skin is cut (to remove the growth) and cauterize the skin at the same time. This results in minimal scarring of tissue. There is minimal bleeding and the new skin tissue formed is the same color as the original, surrounding skin.  

2. Diode Lumenis laser for hair reduction

The Lumenis diode laser device uses semi-conductor technology to produce a specific spectrum of light beams.

Patient benefits

These light beams target and disrupt the hair follicles, stopping hair growth and regeneration. The surrounding skin is not affected. The Lumenis diode laser device is a compact and easy-to-use device that improves the efficacy and precision of hair reduction treatment. There is no anesthesia or gel required and it can treat patients with all skin types. Patients experience more comfort as compared to other treatments and the treatment also happens a lot faster.

3. Spectra XT laser technology platform

The Spectra XT is the latest and most-advanced cutting-edge laser technology platform for dermatology and cosmetology treatments. It is ‘The Extended Platform’ that capitalizes on various different uses of the technology by providing options of conveniently switching between different wavelength settings.

Patient benefits

This single ‘Extended Platform’ can be used for the multiple therapeutic uses including:

  1. Treatment of pigmentation disorders
  2. Laser Tattoo removal
  3. Complicated acne treatments
  4. Carbon peel       
  5. Skin Rejuvenation treatments
  6. Gold toning treatment  

4. Excimer phototherapy 308 nm – Exciplex

Excimer phototherapy is a specially designed phototherapy device that delivers a specific wavelength (308 nm) of ultraviolet radiation. Exciplex is the smallest, lightest and most user-friendly form of excimer phototherapy treatment modality.

Patient benefits

This can be used effectively for various indications like:

  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Alopecia areata

Some clinical advantages include:

  1. One of the most advanced and leading-edge technologies
  2. Optimal, required radiation dose can be delivered
  3. Comparatively shorter treatment and recovery time
  4. Used in all age groups including children
  5. User-friendly for use on difficult-to-reach areas of the body

5. Dermoscope DL 4

Dermascope is a skin surface microscope that is used to visualize patterns and structure of skin lesions that are otherwise not visualized by the naked eye.

Patient benefits

The Dermascope DL 4 is one of the most refined and technologically advanced dermascopes. This provides the necessary support for accurate and efficient diagnosis of various skin lesions. The DL 4 dermascope prioritizes patient safety and at the same time assists in precise and speedy diagnosis for the Kiara Skin Clinic dermatology team.

6. Woods lamp

Woods lamp is a basic dermatology diagnostic tool that used backlighting in the form of ultraviolet light waves.

Patient benefits

Wood’s lamp is used for the diagnosis of various fungal infections, bacterial infections, vitiligo, melasma, and skin irregularities.

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